Benefits for the provider



At Genie Butler, gain worldwide exposure, demonstrate your skills and offer your services exponentially.
Enjoy Genie social and give all the dissemination you want through a video or images of the services you offer and adding the specifications that you would like to highlight for the user.



Get Genie Certified and get the best reviews on the market.


Higher security, higher sales

Make your sales safely, enjoy this thanks to our very well thought out system of absolute security and with the appropriate filters.



You choose where and when you want to offer your services, accommodation, comfortably from where you are, publish all the services you want from one place, Genie Butler!



Benefits for the user



It has your own Dashboard, and find out in real time the friend requests you receive, invitations and more. Stay updated and available to thousands of opportunities.


Organize your time

Enjoy your own itinerary agenda, receive notifications with our mobile application and keep up to date with your services in advance. Organize your reservations and make the most of your travel experience.


Hire the best service providers with their corresponding certification.


All your purchases are perfectly safe; acquires services, flights, transportation, accommodation; All safely without the need to use cash at any time, rest assured when paying as we have certificates of reliability.

Meet new cultures through Genie Butler

At Genie Butler we broaden your horizons by giving you first-hand information about the townspeople you want to visit, customs, famous places, typical foods, hours of natural attractions, traffic precautions, information about the fauna and flora of the place. for you to wear. the necessary precautions at all times, do not forget the sunscreen! Don't forget the coats! Do not forget that your well-being is our passion! Genius butler.


Compare and choose the Genie provider you like best

Select from thousands upon thousands of applicants available on Genie to get the services you need and the best quality at your fingertips with just one click.
Create your vacation plan, that is a business trip; customizing it to your own needs with Genie Butler, manage effectively, don't miss the opportunity to explore new experiences and don't forget to give yourself all the tastes you want.


If you have an unexpected departure, you will also have the possibility to choose packages that suit your urgencies; You can combine between 2 services that the platform has, such as flights, accommodation, taxi, car rental, among others.

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