About Us


Genie Butler is the revolutionary online platform that provides security and convenience through our technological and creative innovation, it emerged in Acapulco in 2018 and we have collaborators that have a presence in the countries of Venezuela, Chile, India, the United States and Mexico; guaranteeing that our team has extensive knowledge both in the different services offered on our platform and in different cultures, thus managing to provide unique experiences to our users. 

Make your experience conveniently safe.



From the platform or our mobile app.


Our passion

It is always being at the forefront of new technologies, modifications or very useful tools, constantly updating the trends of the different interests of people in order to provide refreshing experiences to all users who are part of our platform.



Genie Butler provides a secure connection between providers and users through the convenience of our platform, providing the necessary conditions to create trust between providers and users; so that they make their business known efficiently, projecting their passions, quality and services.



Without a doubt, we know that security is paramount and very important both for the providers and for the users of our application, so it is our priority that when carrying out any transaction no one is harmed.

We are faithful creators of convenience, one of our purposes is that from the time the user enters the application until they close their session or end a transaction, the use of our platform is intuitive, safe, easy but interactive with them.


Our objetive

At Genie Butler we are the multiservice platform par excellence, for this we have made sure to diversify our digital tools, so that anyone who uses them can get or offer from the simplest service to the most elaborate; in order that our users and collaborators achieve the greatest comfort with the use of our technologies in their lives.



Provide the best travel experiences, without worries, but in a safe way, to all the people of the world and thus create a traveling culture that enjoys and appreciates all the services and beautiful places to which they travel.



Discover the magic of the world inspiring humanity to travel to paradise, experience cultures, taste; creating incredible experiences and treasuring memorable memories. Through our personalized, safe, fun and easy-to-use platform; we are your ally on your next adventure.



We provide the best tools and always strive to offer:

  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Convenience


Our promise

We will provide you with a safer travel experience while you are on our platform or we will cover your travel cost. 

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